My First Challenge On my Journey to been a DevOps Engineer

Adefemi Afuwpe
3 min readApr 5, 2019

So here was i sitting on my chair and with my PC when i got a challenge to create a pipeline in Jenkins that runs Terraform and then pull the Jenkins file from a git repo, well as a newbie i started doing some research and read a lot of article on Medium and Stackoverflow, i was able to come up with this script

Jenkins Pipeline Script

And that above was my first error, i was pulling from develop rather than from master, thanks to my mentor he corrected me and i changed it right to master.

Now i will walk you through each error i got and also how i was able to overcome it.

The first error was this

Git error: Could not locate develop commit

Now after i changed it to master

Could not fetch from repo

Now the error above had to do with my repo, it could not find any terraform file to pull so what i did was change the github repo to this:

And Yes! you guessed right i had another error, now at this moment this was my day day 6 on the task, here is the error:

Error: Initialization in an empty directory

Basically, Terraform initialization worked but it was checking this directory called dev and it could not locate any config file (.tf) and terraform plan requires a config file to be present and also i did not set my path right, you can read up on how to set path here: and

So all i did was create a config file in my dev folder, set my path, restarted Jenkins and voila it worked and here is a picture of the success message:

Success Message

And there you have it, 6 days working and Yay, it ran with no error.

Lesson learnt: Never give up, just that little more push will make it a success and always reach out for help.